Affordable recording in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

Located in the South of Adelaide, and run by Max Miller, a professional recording engineer.

Sound Miller Studio is a small private and affordable studio for singer/song writers or duos. I have ideal space and atmosphere for voice-overs and solo recordings. Keeping prices low allows for longer creative sessions so we can look into different arrangements and FX without blowing the budget.

Specialising in solo/duo recording, I dropped the bigger premises I held before and took on site full band tracking off the menu. I built newly from scratch at home in a dedicated shed. Acoustically treated to the best possible result (I also offer home studio construction consultancy) and equipped with solid microphones and electronics, Soundmiller is able to deliver excellent mixes and masters.

I can also do location recording, just the recording with up to 24 simultaneous channels or as part of Sound Miller live sound reinforcement services.

Just give Max a ring/sms on 0468 922 804 or e-mail for more information or bookings.