Rehearsal Room!

Good news,

Studio A is now available as rehearsal room! (click here for pictures)

We now offer rehearsal spaces during the week. 4 pieces bands very comfortable, up to 6 pieces bands doable (in fact it has been done twice so far).

Classical music groups are most welcome!

Main features are:

– fully acoustically treated and insulated live room in a dedicated business building – make noise ’til late!

– extra vox/solo booth

– piano lounge

– on-site parking and bump-in/out, plenty of parking right at the door

– resident drum kit use included in price, including snare and Paiste Black Alpha cymbals

– 12 channel analog mixer with rack (compressors/limiters, reverb) and appropriate PA use included in price, Max will help setting it up for best results

– 32 channel digital (Allen & Heath Qu32) mixer with full FX available upon request

– selection of dynamic mics (AKG/Shure) with cables and stands included

– LDC/SDC/Ribbon mics available upon request

– Yamaha upright U-series piano available upon request

– engineer is on site and can be booked on the spot for ad hoc recordings – whenever inspiration strikes during rehearsal

– fully featured recording sessions with personal monitoring, engineer and all whistles and bells are available

  • Regulars receive remarkable discounts on multi track recording sessions!


Monday through Friday 6:pm – 11:00pm

Weekends: time slots available upon appointment


NEW: from September on there are week days daytime slots available! Please enquire for details!


PRICING: $50 per booking, this is $50 for 5 hours and includes drum kit, microphones + stands, PA and 12 channel mixer/fx.



Max 0468 922 804